Our delicious Native Water

Our delicious Native Water

The sources for our spring water were chosen for their superb natural purity.

Brought to you from the Berkshires and the Green Mountains.

These springs bring water from a protected underground aquifer to the surface. The water begins as rain and snow high up in the hills and it remains underground until it is brought to the surface. Layers of solid rock and clay provide an impenetrable cover for the aquifer water. These sources are not only completely safe to drink, but are tested regularly to verify that they are of the highest quality.

As Native Water comes from such well-protected and monitored sources, the processing of the water is kept to a minimum. The water passes through a multiple stage filtration system extracting sediment and suspended particles down to 0.5 microns in size. 

Native Water meets all federal and state health standards. The FDA regulates bottled water as a food product whereas the EPA regulates tap water as provided by water utilities. Standards of quality enacted by the FDA for bottled water must be as protective of the public health as EPA’s standards (known as Maximum Contaminant Levels) for tap water. Ensuring the safety of the water is our primary objective in providing our product to the consumer

And since it is locally sourced, we bring it to you with a minimal carbon footprint.